Sep 2023 Our collaboration with GINA is highlighted on UAF Cornerstone
Aug 2023 Jingqiu Mao gave a seminar at University of Helsinki

June 2023 Our ASCENT site at Delta Junction is now operational. See the news from UAF Cornerstone and GI website

Apr 2023 Jingqiu Mao visited Jun Wang’s group at U of Iowa and gave a seminar at their Climate / Atmospheric Science & Engineering (CASE) Colloquium series.

June 2022 Our ES&T paper has been highlighted in a variety of news outlets, including, ScienceDaily, UAF news, EurekAlerts, and Newsminer.

Oct 2021 We are part of a new national network to study aerosols, highlighted on UAF cornerstone and GI website, as well as local radio KUAC.

July 2021 We just launched a new website for fire air quality forecast for our NASA project, check it out! 

April 2021 Lahra is selected for the Dean’s Choice Award by CNSM Dean Doerner. See the announcement. Congratulations, Lahra!

April 2021 Our NSF HMS project is highlighted on UAF cornerstone. Also interviewed at local radio station KUAC-FM, and other media outlets (KTVF).

March 2021 Our NASA HAQAST project is highlighted on UAF cornerstone. And also highlighted on other media outlets (PHYS.ORG, EurekAlert, Scienmag and Floridanewstimes).

December 2020 Sujai successfully defended his thesis. Congratulations!

November 2020 Two papers are published this month, with one highlighted on NOAA website.

March 2020 Ragen successfully defended her thesis. Congratulations!

August 2019 Our Pandora project is highlighted on NASA Stimuli.

August 2019 Julia’s project made it to local news, see link here.

July 2019 Yiqi Zheng is selected for Aerosol Summer School at PNNL. See the link here. Congratulations Yiqi!

July 2019 Julia and Jingqiu were interviewed on NPR (see the link here). Other media coverage can be found here.

June 2019 Jingqiu is awarded NASA EPSCOR CAN grant. See announcement here.

June 2019 Nicole June joined group as REU intern. Nicole is an undergraduate student coming from Penn State. Nicole will be working on Brown Carbon modeling.

May 2019 Jingqiu is awarded Faculty Initiative Fund, see link here.

Apr 2019 Julia Hnilicka joined group as EEOP intern. Julia has installed many PurpleAir sensors in rural Alaska.

Feb 2019 James Campbell is accepted to NASA SARP internship! James will be flying on NASA DC-8 aircraft this summer. Here is the program link.

Feb 2019 We have two summer internship openings this year:

REU (only undergraduate eligible):

EEOP (both graduate and undergraduate eligible):

Please apply!

Jan 2019 Dr. Yiqi Zheng joined our group. Yiqi recently got her Ph.D. from Yale University with Nadine Unger. Welcome Yiqi!

Jan 2019 Jingqiu set up a number of PurpleAir sensors on UAF campus. Check out the PurpleAir map here.


Jan 2019 Ragen is sampling Fairbanks air pollution at -30F.

Jan 2019 Ragen is awarded Graduate Student Research grant by Alaska Space Grant Program. Congratulations Ragen!

Dec 2018 Ragen and Jingqiu attended AGU Fall meeting in Washington DC.

Oct 2018 James Campbell is awarded Alaska Space Grant!

June 2018 Jingqiu was featured on local newspaper. See link here.

June 2018 Kiersten Johnson made it to UAF news this week for her NASA internship. Check out here!

May 2018 Our ALPACA workshop made the front page top headline of local newspaper! This story is also published on UAF website.

May 2018 We are organizing a workshop at UAF, to study the wintertime pollution in Fairbanks. Check out the website here.

Apr 2018 We are funded by NOAA on global modeling of secondary organic aerosols (SOA)!

Mar 2018 James Campbell got URSA Summer Project award!

Feb 2018 Kiersten is accepted to NASA SARP program! Kiersten will be flying on NASA DC-8 aircraft this summer. Here is the program link.

Jan 2018 Ragen and Kiersten are sampling wintertime air pollution in Fairbanks downtown, side by side with EPA NCORE site.

Jan 2018 Ragen Davey is awarded  Graduate Student Research grant by Alaska Space Grant Program. Congratulations Ragen!

Jan 2018 Two papers are accepted on ACP this week!

Jan 2018 We are funded by NASA EPSCoR program!

Dec 2017 NASA Pandora instrument just arrived!

Oct 2017 Kiersten Johnson is awarded  Alaska Space Grant Undergraduate Research Fellowship Award. Congratulations Kiersten!